Notre Equipe Spécialisée en maintenance, étalonnage Rhône Alpes

All our works are performed in conformity with the quality standards we have adopted (see the Quality page).

Our technicians are trained in a wide range of techniques and their competences are checked regularly. All our instruments are referenced by certified centres and are thus linked to the BNM – COFRAC network

We carry out the calibration and verification of your measurement equipment in the multidisciplinary areas of physical measurement.

  • Electric measurement devices
  • High frequency
  • Temperature
  • Hygrometry
  • Pressure
  • Weight
  • Vibration
  • Acoustics
  • Accelerometry
  • Dimensional, Torque, Force, etc…
Réparations de tout type d'appareil Rhône Alpes
Nos domaines d'expertise de notre société situé à Chassieu