The metrology activity has satisfied the requirements of the QMS ISO 9001 standard.

The first aim of EMD2i is to continue implementing its quality policy to develop the satisfaction of its clients as efficiently as ever.

To develop EMD2i has to gain recognition for its capacity to satisfy the needs of the market which can be set out in three points :

  • The quality of the Metrology Department
  • Reactivity on receiving orders
  • Speed of action

The ambitions of EMD2i are to

  • Increase its activity
  • Increase its profitability
  • Continuously improve its level of quality
  • Develop its competences
  • Forecast market changes

EMD2i forecasts market changes and offers its clients the services intrinsic to new technologies, in order to increase its market share. Its quality objectives are defined and monitored at management reviews to ensure conformity with the orientations of the policy implemented and continuously improve the QMS.

The management of EMD2i and all the personnel are committed to assuring quality and performing the tasks entrusted to them with the utmost efficiency.